Welcome Back

Welcome back

Having spent a great deal of time constructing our main IBS Health website along with our IBS Sano low FODMAP site, we felt it time to start writing again.   We have always felt our role was to offer support and empathy to IBS sufferers as it is something they rarely get receive - ‘the curse of the invisible illness’.

Having also suffered at the hands of those who offered false promises, we always feel duty bound to warn our fellow sufferers of the pitfalls of IBS.  

There is still no known singular cure for the condition and while there are many treatments few or any work for all - despite some of the claims out there.  It is from such a perspective that sufferers have to fish around for hope and it is at such moments  we are vulnerable.


We hope not to cause offence to anyone who reads our work and apologize in advance should we do so We do not intend to take aim at anyone and believe in free will to express an opinion as we do ourselves.

Our blogs will be covering a variety of topics which we hope have been largely ignored elsewhere.  We will look at everything from the nature of IBS through to how our belief in any given treatment may be reflected in the outcome.

Despite creating (free - hence no conflict of interest) low FODMAP websites we aim to see if the low FODMAP diet has been a success?  Despite fantastic results during testing, it has been fascinating to see how well it has faired amongst the public at large.

Vote now

This website also has an ‘IBS Polling Station’.  We felt the best source of information is generally fellow sufferers, so we have included the opportunity for you to vote on a range of IBS issues, primarily what does and does not work for you.  We hope to get as many users as possible to use this from all around the world to provide a really useful resource for all.

The Shop

The IBS Health group remains ferociously independent, we do not work with or accept money from any other party or business for endorsement*.  The shop has been created to allow IBS sufferers the chance to find products which they may or may not have come across before.  More importantly most or many will have reviews as the store is powered by Amazon, thus you have access to the same customer review system.

We are not actively looking to ‘sell’ you things, however from personal experience a lot of time and money can be wasted without the benefit of genuine feedback.  The store is there for convenience nothing else.  Hopefully you will have a great local store, if not then the shop may just help.

And Finally

Most of the IBS Health team have suffered IBS there whole lives, and at times we are concerned about the fact that we often produce articles which are positive in nature.  Having suffered IBS since birth, I personally know that there are times when I did not want to hear  someone else’s positive message, I just wanted comfort.

The one thing we have learnt is that staying positive is the only way, and will also provide your best chance of managing the symptoms.  On our main site we talk about IBS and how it can lead to depression, as we are keenly aware through personal experience the toll it can take.  It is at these times we need the arm wrapped around and some empathy.  So please know that we’ve been there, but we also know you have to find a way, to stay positive and keep going.

Just one more thing

We have encountered some incredible people doing some incredible work on behalf of IBS sufferers since we started our sites.  We would like to thank them profusely - from a sufferers perspective it often feels as though nothing is being done.  This is horribly far from the truth, there are some wonderful people working extremely hard to help IBS sufferers and on behalf of the whole IBS Health team we would like to offer them our most heartfelt thanks.

Please note:  All blogs and IBS Health articles have been written by IBS sufferers for fellow IBS sufferers.

We respect and appreciate all other opinions and write with the sole aim of providing empathy, support and ideas for others who live IBS everyday. We do not write cause offence.

While we have the shop and other sites, we have always ensured that we are ferociously independent and that our sites are free to use.

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