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We have written a number of articles around the possible treatments for IBS, however we have not simply listed them, thus we thought that it would be a useful checklist for those attempting to manage their IBS.  As ever the reality is that you are unique.  We would never suggest that any of these treatments are guaranteed to fix you up, the reality is that you will need help from an expert who is able to spend time with you.  However, hopefully the list will give you a starting point, or you will notice a treatment which might just work for you.

The list is in no way conclusive, there are quite literally thousands of treatments out there.   Over the last forty years it feels though we have tried them all.  We have simply included treatments which have demonstrated their validity over time.  Finally we also acknowledge that there is a separation in society regarding medicine and science.  This is a heated debate that is way beyond our remit, suffice to say there may be treatments listed which you disapprove of, to which end we would lie to link you to our article on the human belief system and the below quote:

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.

Carl Jung

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Remove known triggers

Removing/reducing things such as coffee, alcohol and fatty foods.

Quickest way to noticeable improvements, high success rates.

Many people love caffeine and alcohol.  

Tackling stress

Attempting to reduce stress from lifestyle.

Stress regularly plays a major role in IBS and this can be very successful.

We all need to make a living, this is not easy, takes time and may require life changes.


Improving quality of your diet.

Helps many, good for you in general, improving your diet may extend the quantity and quality of your life.

Some sufferers feel it makes no difference and dislike health preaching.


Some prescribed medication can be very useful for IBS.

If accurately diagnosed and you are lucky some medication can dramatically improve symptoms.

Does not work for all. Can be difficult to find the correct medication. Some sufferers do not want to take medication.


Supplements such as Probiotics and Peppermint oil can help.

Can be very effective against certain types of IBS.  Worth a try as often inexpensive.

Mixed success rates, does not work for all.


A restricted diet which cuts out foods that can cause bloating cramping and other symptoms.

Is a great tool for some, works quickly and reduces the painful symptoms. Best when a dietitian is involved.

Does not work for all. Is a restricted diet which requires dedication.


Certain serious conditions may require surgery.

May be necessary.

At present not a common option and only used in exceptional circumstances.

General Health

Exercise and general good health.

As with improving diet, this is a win win situation.  Will also help with psychological issues.

No know drawbacks, although many seem to resent the message.


Can help those who have been conditioned by IBS to escape.

Proper hypnosis (not watch swinging) can be a useful psychological tool.

Suffers a bad image due to cabaret style hypnosis which gives a false impression for the good practitioners.  Does not work for all.

Fecal Transplants

Taking healthy bacteria from one person and transplanting it to another.

Is proving to be a successful treatment for many with bacterial issues. A very specific, but effective treatment.

Not a pleasant treatment, not easily available, and not suitable for all.  

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