IBS Treatment Tips

Selecting the right treatment for IBS can be described as difficult at best.  We do not know the nature of your personal IBS, however there are a few general tips that can save you a great deal of time, disappointment and money which we wish to share with you below:  

IBS Treatment Tips

Our Ten tips

1. IBS has many different forms. Make sure you know and are clear about the nature of your IBS before seeking help.  IBS can be divided up into categories  such as IBS-D and IBS-C depending on the nature of the symptoms.  Some sufferers will have rapid BM’s others will suffer the opposite - treatments vary.   While there is some standard advice most sufferers need to seek treatments specific to there symptoms.  

2. Be open and honest. Whichever path you choose, you will need to be open and honest with yourself and others.  Many sufferers are deeply embarrassed about the condition and find it hard to discuss.  To get the best treatment you may need to open up about things which make you uncomfortable.

3. Be open minded.  Sadly many people have taken sides in regards to Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine.  We heartily recommend open minded rationality, try to judge things on their own merit.  If it makes sense to you and it works that’s all you can hope for.

4. Give it your best.  Many IBS treatments require sacrifice and that you have to make changes.  This is your choice, only you know whether you are willing to give up things that may be effecting you even though you love them.  

5. Everyone is selling something.  An odd thing to say on an ‘IBS Shop’ website!  Our only interest is helping you find the right path.  The reality is that almost everyone is selling something, thus you will have wade your way through incredible claims daily.  Nothing beats your own common sense when tackling this.

6. Check out IBS forums.  If you go to the IBS charity sites and look into the forums you will often find great information regarding the validity of certain treatments and if they match up to their claims.

7. Your unique.  While some treatments are very successful for many people, it does not mean they will work for you.  Things like Peppermint oil and the Low FODMAP diet are great places to start, however do not be disappointed if they do not work.  There are few, if any treatments which work for everyone.

8. Do no kid yourself.  A cursory glance at some of the data relating to placebos, shows that the human mind is very powerful in relation to healing (see more on belief).  If you do not believe in a treatment it will likely fail. You need to commit fully or not all to a treatment for it to stand a chance.  If it does not work at least you know you gave it your all.

9. Avoid IBS trigger food and drink.   IBS triggers such as caffeine, alcohol and spicy food will still ensure your IBS flares up.  Give any treatment you a choose a fighting chance, by at the least moderating known IBS triggers.  (Click here for more)

10. Keep a diary/make notes.  Information is one of the greatest weapons against IBS.  Whoever you choose to treat your IBS will benefit from you being able to accurately being able to describe your symptoms.  Often we are too general about such matters.

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