Leaving the house

It is often interesting when studies are conducted into the amount of time we spend doing mundane tasks throughout the course of our lives.  For many IBS sufferers, particularly those with IBS-D, the amount of time spent simply exiting the house could make for unpleasant reading.  

Getting out the door

For those of you who have IBS-D, the feeling of confidence in your ability to control yourself is often lost, thus leaving the house prior to the insurance that you are able to may involve multiple trips to the bathroom, along with lengthy routines.   When my IBS was at it's peak, it is fair to say it added a minimum of an hour and a half onto my working day.  This was amplified when working in the city, as traffic or public transport would induce anxiety through prior bad experience and a sense of conditioning.

We would not like to presume for others that they are subject to the same issues, however we are aware form conversations that we are not alone.  While it is one thing to acknowledge the issue, it is another to fix it.  Given the unique nature of IBS it is unlikely that we could provide answers for all, so instead we will list some of the things which have worked well for us in the past, in the hope that other sufferers find one or two things that may help.

Basic tips

Do not take sleep for granted, one of the best ways to aid your digestion is through sleep - click here for tips.

Give yourself plenty of time.  If you rush, or run late the likelihood is that you will increase the levels of anxiety experienced.  Getting yourself ready the night before is a great way to help you sleep well knowing that things are done.  It will also save you introducing anxiety into your morning routine.

Plan your breakfast.  Ensure that you have the right food for breakfast.  Breakfast for IBS sufferers can be hard. If you remove gluten, sugar and dairy you are not left with much choice.  We must also add that IBS- D sufferers who suffer rapid BM's when faced with insoluble fiber will need to take particular care.

Before we write the list of potential problem food for IBS-D sufferers, we must say that you should always be sure before you exclude.  We should always aim for a healthy balanced diet, thus you should only exclude if you are sure that a certain food is effecting you.  The purpose of this list is to point you in the direction of some foods which are often associated with creating issues for IBS-D sufferers (If you suffer with constipation discard this list as many of the items on it will actually help you).

So we are left with a glass of water and some rice!  It may seem that way, however we are blessed to live in a world full of choice and increasingly replacements.  Where once gluten and dairy free living could be a touch dull there are few products which do not have 'free from' replacement.  We do always recommend staying as natural and healthy as possible.

Once you have found the right breakfast, and are well prepared you are a long way to ensuring that you are doing all you can to assist your physical symptoms.  Long term sufferers may also face psychological scars which can be harder to deal with.  One of the toughest things we have found is overcoming IBS conditioning.  

This may sound a peculiar, however repeated behavior can lead to issues emerging.  For IBS sufferers one of the most common, is having anxiety attacks in situations of geographical locations where things did not go well.  For some it may be places where there are few bathrooms, locations or journeys were they feel trapped, the list of possible scenarios is endless.  This is an area which may well require specialist help, as we found through our own experience that you can not undo years of experience overnight.  You may be able to remove physical discomfort quite quickly, but the mind is less straightforward.

Never easy

If you have long term IBS-D, getting out the door is tough.  It seems such a simple and obvious thing to others, however fellow sufferers know that it is not.  We have listed just a few ideas, as we are fully aware that this is something for the individual.  We would suggest that when you calculate the amount of your life you lose through IBS morning routines, that it may well be worth considering specialist help, as it is wasted time that you will never get back.  Do not wait to address it.

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